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A Brief History

The Minneapolis Moline Power Implement Company was established in 1929. It was formed by the union of three agricultural companies which were:

- Moline Plow Company, est. 1852
- Minneapolis Threshing Company, est. 1887
- Minneapolis Steel & Threshing Company, est. 1902

The new Minneapolis Moline Co. was now equipped to survive current economical hardships as a full line supplier with an impressive list of tillage tools, cornshellers, threshing machines and reliable tractors for small farms to heavy road construction.

Starting in 1910, Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Co., produced a heavyweight line of road builders and prairie sod breakers known as Twin City tractors. By 1920 Twin City offered tractors as small as 12-20 and as large as 60-90, a fourteen ton six cylinder.

After the 1929 merger, Minneapolis-Moline was very successful with the Twin City 17-28, 21-32, KT, MT and 27-44. Minneapolis-Moline would evolve several Twin City tractors into their own models and continue designing innovative new models for the next thirty years. Minneapolis-Moline acquired the Avery farm equipment line in 1951 and Minneapolis-Moline’s modern tractor line was so well executed that many of these machines are still working all sizes of farms, all over the world.
Minneapolis-Moline was purchased the White Motor Company in 1972 and the last use of the proud MM badge was in 1974. The White Motor Company was ultimately purchased and continues today under the name, AGCO.

Minneapolis-Moline made the following contributions to the agricultural equipment industry:
- First fully equipped factory installed cabs (UDLX)
- First manufacturer to offer LP gas as a fuel option 
- First to use the shift on the go transmission in small tractors
- First factory equipped power front axle tractors
- First manufacturer to offer 100 HP row crop tractor (G-1000)
- First articulated FWD tractors (A4T-1400 and A4T-1600)